Harry Greene. Thirteen years old. Schoolboy. Lives with his Mum in a council flat in Croydon, England. He goes out one afternoon - and gets abducted by aliens. Greys in fact. Like these guys below, except, well, they're actually real.

Anyway, Harry's trapped on the spaceship when it gets attacked by these super tough hideous alien warrior types (more about them later)! Stuff happens, but in the end, Harry's left in charge of the spaceship, with a couple of blue skinned alien girls and a freako stowaway.... Can he get home to his Mum in Croydon in time for tea? Maybe, if he wasn't on the WRONG SIDE OF THE GALAXY!

"Welcome, inter galactic wanderers, to Harry Greene's Guide to the Galaxy! I'm Jamie Thomson, and Harry's chosen me to be his official spokesman here on earth. Every now and again I get these strange transmissions from various spaceships, planets and solar communication arrays out there in space. They're messages from Harry, telling me all about his latest adventures - the strange, weirdo aliens he's met or the truly bizzaro planets his visited. Sometimes it's new issues of the Galwebcast, Supernova or transmissions from the Galactic News Network or interesting snippets from the Wagglestaff corporation's GalNav tracker.

I know, lots of strange names and stuff, but once you've read some of Harry's transmissions, it'll all make sense. Not that you have to read them as raw signals from space, oh no! I've taken Harry's stuff and turned it into books for everyone to read easily. The first instalment of his extra-ordinarily hilarious adventure is called 'The Wrong Side of the Galxay'! An entire Galaxy of jokes await!"

Alien Artist

The Galactically awesome pictures in the Wrong Side are all done by that famous artist from another world, Jamie Lenman. Find out more about him here: http://www.jamielenman.com/. He also plays music, apparently. Plus he has a very cool first name.

He's no Captain! He's just a primitive earthling from a primitive planet!

Gaggenow the Great

Earth boy? Common as muck, just like the planet he comes from.

Princess Alph

Oh, he's not so bad, for a primitive earthling. I quite like him really, but don't tell him that!

Princess Bet

If I find him, I'm going to turn him into burgers, and devour the lot with a Hot Flangle-bott sauce.

Clypeus of the Leptira

That boy from Dirt? No, wait... Mud? No, Earth, that was it. Stupid kid, but he's got guts I'll give him that. Pity really - as the Leptira will probably rip them out.

Ambassador De-Ung of the planet Glob