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Interactive story app
"The figure moves closer. Lightning fills the interior of the hovel with a momentary furnace-glare. The face looks back at me, yellow eyes and bared teeth in a face like a skinned animal. The fiend that I created stands before me for a moment, haloed redly in fiery light. Then impenetrable darkness swallows everything."
* * *

The year is 1792 and in his Paris laboratory Victor Frankenstein is building a man. This unique app places you in conversation with Frankenstein himself. You can be the voice of his conscience or you can be the inner demon driving him on to destruction. This is a revolutionary new kind of interactive fiction that described as "more moving than the original novel". The book is available for both iOS and Android.


Online interactive world

A massive labour of love by developer Jonathan Mann, who has put up a free-to-play adaptation of all six Fabled Lands books. Plunge into a sweeping world of fantasy in which you can take any role you like - explorer, thief, mage, priest, merchant, warrior. Meet dozens of characters across hundreds of interlocking quests. The ultimate in gamebook adventuring!


The latest news about gamebooks, role-playing, and interactive fiction apps. Drop by to find out what's on the horizon, or stay to chat with Jamie and his friends. Here's where you'll get the first sneak peeks of new material in the Dark Lord or Starship Captain series.


"A world of magic, folklore and danger where superstition covers people's lives like autumn mists cover the moors, and terrifying monsters with bizarre powers lurk in the shadows."

Dragon Warriors is THE classic British role-playing game: a dark, gritty world in which magic is dangerous, faerie is terrifying, and heroes don't always have noble motives.

Now in an all-new edition from Serpent King Games.

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