Before Jamie wrote funny novels for kids, he had his own computer games company, making cool computer games. And before that, he wrote game books. Loads of gamebooks with various writer friends like Dave Morris and Mark Smith.

If you're already into game books, then you should check out Dave Morris' and Jamie Thomson's game book blog HERE

If you're not sure what they are, read this: What is a Gamebook?

There's also a collection of apps and links you may enjoy.

Jamie has written a whole bunch of different gamebooks with various writer friends. A hundred fabulous adventures are right there waiting for you. Series like:

Martial arts fantasy adventures in which you get to rule a kingdom and gather armies for epic battles!

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A massive open world in which you can do pretty much anything you want. Be an explorer, a wizard, a thief or a warrior, visit far-off lands, meet exotic and interesting people and - well, it's up to you.

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A sweeping fantasy saga that you can play solo or in an adventuring party with up to three friends.

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A series of standalone gamebooks that you can play anywhere - no dice required!

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Spend a night in a vampire's castle, defy a Pharaoh's curse, or delve into a jungle-twined pyramid in search of treasure and vengeance. The choice is yours in these classic entry-level gamebooks.

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Anyway, gamebooks were really big back in the 80s and 90s, but they're sort of having a come back and you can get them as paperbacks, or collector's hardbacks, and quite a lot are coming out as apps these days.

Megara Entertainment also do a lot of our stuff - check them out HERE. They do wonderful, collector's editions of our Fabled Lands and Way of the Tiger game books in full colour hardbacks. Very nice to own! Or you can get cheaper paperback versions - see the sidebar for links.