Eternal Detention, mwah, hah, hah!
July 14th, 2014

So, book 3 in my awesomely amazing Dark Lord series is now out (I have to say it's brill or Dirk will put me in the Iron Maiden). This time Hasdruban decides to hunt down Dirk himself whilst disguised as... the headmaster of Whiteshields school. Imagine it! Your worst enemy, who wants to crush you beneath his boot heels like a cockroach/wipe you off the face of the earth/destroy you utterly/chop you up into little bits and put you in a pie/strap you to the roof in a thunderstorm/turn you into cheese etc, is the headmaster at your school. What can you do? Well, read Eternal Detention to find out! And there's lots of laughs along the way as well of course.
I had a lotof fun writing this one too - there's a couple of new characters who were fun to play with, a new goblin and another witchy character who...  well, I don't want to give to much away! Hopefully you'll read it and find out for yourselves.


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