Dark Lord Travelling Road Show
July 14th, 2014
Hello everyone! This year I'm doing quite a lot of visits to festivals and schools with my Dark Lord Travelling road show. I've got lots of Dark Lord pictures and props (including a Chest of Skulls, the Skeleton in a Cage, the Wrathful Wraith, the Mug of Death, the Pencil Case of Doom and other such 'Dark Lord at School accessories' :-)). It's very silly and a lot of fun. Here's where I'm going so far in 2014 - if you're in the area, come and see me!
May 29th - Haye on Wye Festival
June 9th - Merchant Taylor's school, Middlesex.
12th June - Newcastle Football Club Author Day. The National. Literacy Trust are getting a bunch of us authors to go to football clubs and meet kids from local schools and run some writing workshops. Obviously, my Dark Master requires me to concentrate on teaching the kids to be his minions, rather than any of that 'do-gooding' reading and writing nonsense.
14th June - The Dark Lord sends me to York. Mwah, hah, hah!
16th June - Lewes and Ringer primary schools - nice and easy to get to as they're in my area!
26th June - me and Johnny Meres, he of the World of Norm books,   (http://www.jonathanmeres.com/books/the-world-of-norm/)  are doing a joint event at the Reading Zone in Leatherhead. We've done a few of these events together, and they're always great fun!
30th June - some pop up schools events in Canvey Island, Essex.
20th July. Down to Penzance to train up the Pirates. http://penzance-literary-festival.org.uk/creating-worlds-with-jamie-thomson/
And then things calm down for a bit, until September, where I'll be at these two:
So, busy time for events, and maybe not enough time for writing! I have to fit in the second book in the Wrong Side of the Galaxy series, and also Dark Lord 4! I expect my Dark Master Dirk will have to 'motivate' me to work harder....

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